Person Centred Care Planning and Care Home Management Solutions

easyLog, a pioneer in nursing care plan, care home management, dementia care plan and staff scheduling software, has developed the Care Studio Suite - a range of person-centred care planning, staff scheduling, attendance tracking and timesheet management applications - to provide a complete solution to the pressures often associated with the management of care organisations. Our unique software solutions are the first choice for care organisations looking to streamline and automate the management of staff rotas, payroll analysis and person centred care plans.

  • Care Home & Nursing Care Plan Management: care-Log+

    staff rota software
    easyLog’s care-Log+ software is a comprehensive response to the person centred care plan recording, administrative and financial management needs of today’s residential, extra care and supported living care sectors. The product’s flexibility means that is suitable for implementation across the entire range of residential, extra care and supported living environments; elderly residential, nursing and dementia, learning disabilities, mental health, child care and substance abuse. As a web-based software application, care-Log+ can be implemented on a single or multi-home basis with a centralised or separate databases.

    Care is never provided in front of a computer screen so care-Log+ has the option for carers to use tablet pcs to enter and view information wherever they are. With care-Log+ managers and carers can focus on delivering a complete person-centred care plan - with the knowledge that nothing is overlooked - and prompts appear to warn of upcoming events, related actions and possible signs of deterioration of any service user. Find out more about care-Log+ nursing care plan solutions.
  • Domiciliary Visit Scheduling, Contract & Nursing Care Plan Management: care-Log HomeCare

    dementia care plan
    care-Log HomeCare is a comprehensive administration system for the community-based care provider. Such is its flexibility it can be an effective organisational and business tool for any organisation providing care to external locations including the domiciliary care agency, supported living, extra care or nursing agency. It records both contract and nursing care plan information for any service user and schedules appropriate carers to perform visits from a contract or on an ad-hoc basis and then automatically invoices the funder and pays the carer at the correct rate.
    care-Log HomeCare holds health and risk assessments, medication information and provides person centred care plan management with follow up actions automatically highlighted to the operator. The software can export invoice data to third party accounting software for the management of debt collection and link with external payroll systems for carer payments. Find out more about care-Log HomeCare domiciliary visit scheduling, contract & nursing care plan management solutions.
  • Carer Visit Tracking and Timesheet Management

    attendance tracking and timesheet software
    easyLog’s care management software can be integrated with a variety of systems for recording and tracking carer attendance whether in a single care home or at multiple community-based locations. easyLog’s attendance monitoring solutions can operate with mobile phone and internet- based technology, use telephone logging from a landline or utilise standalone hardware in a seamless and integrated approach to deliver appropriate and cost-effective options for any care environment. Find out more about Carer Attendance Tracking

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